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Top Nine Wi-Fi Speeds at Beaches!

I f you are looking at a beach and what to make sure you are connected, these are the top nine beaches based on connectivity!

1. Clearwater Beach (2.9 mbps)
2. Atlantic City Beach (2.8 mbps)
3. Mission Beach California (2.1 mbps)
4. South Beach Miami (1.8 mbps)
5. Myrtle Beach (1.8 mbps)
6. Santa Monica California (1.8 mbps)
7. Waikiki Beach (1.6 mbps)
8. Newport Beach California (1.2 mbps)
9. Hermosa Beach California (1.2 mbps)

I don’t know about you but I am not really concerned about connectivity when I am at the beach ………….. I try to have my mind on other things!

10 National Beach treasures for your Bucket List

Everybody seems to enjoy going to the beach and isolated, undeveloped, and lots of nature is even better! Put these jewels on your bucket list and enjoy!

– Point Reyes National Seashore: Just north of San Francisco you will find Point Reyes. Over 80 miles of spectacular native beaches. Visit in the winter to see the elephant seals.

– Gulf Islands National Seashore : Located in Florida and Mississippi these undeveloped beaches and barrier islands are known for their temperate waters and brilliant sand.

– Cumberland Island National Seashore: The largest island off the Georgia coast preserves marshes, herds of wild horses, and wild beaches! It is only accessible by a 45 minute pedestrian ferry from St. Marys.

– Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: You will find some of the newest beaches on earth here due to this constantly evolving part of the Island of Hawaii. Colors vary from black to white to light brown.

– Assateague Island National Seashore: Located in Maryland and Virginia, this beach is known for it’s wild horses.

– Cape Cod National Seashore: Located in Massachusetts, you can think President Kennedy for creating this haven. The over 40 miles of beach was saved from development and remains some of the most pristine coastline in that part of New England.

– Cape Lookout National Seashore: Located in North Carolina, these largely undeveloped barrier islands can only be reached by ferry, and you must bring all your supplies, including water!

– Fire Island National Seashore: Located in New York, this 26 mile section of the barrier islands offers a getaway not too far from New York City.

– Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: This 35 miles stretch is located along Lake Michigan and includes 2 islands. Some of the sand bluffs can be ever 450 feet tall!

– Virgin Islands National Park: Located on St. Johns in the Virgin Islands, this park offers everything from tropical forrest to an underwater snorkeling trail. The park covers over half of the island.

Think nature and plan your visit to one of these treasures!

Top 10 Dream Destinations

According to a recent survey by Virtuoso Travel, the top 10 Dream Destinations are:

1 – Australia
2 – Italy
3 – New Zealand
4 – France
5 – Fiji
6 – Ireland
7 – Greece
8 – Antarctica
9 – South Africa
10- Caribbean

This is the fourth year in a row that Australia has beat out Italy for the top spot! While I agree that each of these would be on a top 10 list I have a problem assigning a ranking to a particular destination …… I just like to say they are in my top 10! I have had the opportunity to visit each of these destinations and each holds a unique experience! Dream big and travel safe!