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Will Cruise Ships Go All-Inclusive?

Norwegian Cruise lines recently announced it will be selling an all-inclusive package on a limited basis. The package would include unlimited premium drinks, specality restaurants, $200 credit for shore excursions, some photos, 250 Internet minutes, and more.

The package would cost around $899 for a 7-day cruise, but would also get you a 10% discount on your base fare.

There are a few cruise lines that currently offer drinks and other amenities in their price. Others offer various drink packages for purchase.

Do you think this could be the start of a trend to see more cruise lines/ships to go to an all-inclusive format? I guess having a “Couples” or “Sandals” on the sea would be appealing to a large number of passengers, however I feel there are probably an equal number that would not find value in an all-inclusive offer. We will probably continue to see cruise lines experiment with various packages and combinations, but going forward I would think that these would be offered and available for purchase on an individual basis.