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Titanic Memories!

It’s a beautiful day in Cobh, Ireland. I’m sitting at the Rob Roy Pub having a Guinness. Ladies are walking along the streets in early 1900 period dresses. People are doing last minute shopping before the ship sails in a couple of hours. There is an air of excitement as the passengers prepare for the final leg of their transatlantic cruise.

Is it 1912 or 2014? The Titanic made its last stop in Cobh in 1912 prior to its final voyage. Her passengers were walking the streets of Cobh, doing last minute shopping and maybe a having a Guinness!

As I drink my Guinness at the Rob Roy Pub, I wonder who might have been sitting at this table in 1912: Where they on the Titanic? Did they die or survive? What where their last thoughts?

As we walk to our ship docked in Cobh, there is an air of excitement as we pass other women in 1900 dress ……….. is it 1912 or 2014?

Top 10 Dream Destinations

According to a recent survey by Virtuoso Travel, the top 10 Dream Destinations are:

1 – Australia
2 – Italy
3 – New Zealand
4 – France
5 – Fiji
6 – Ireland
7 – Greece
8 – Antarctica
9 – South Africa
10- Caribbean

This is the fourth year in a row that Australia has beat out Italy for the top spot! While I agree that each of these would be on a top 10 list I have a problem assigning a ranking to a particular destination …… I just like to say they are in my top 10! I have had the opportunity to visit each of these destinations and each holds a unique experience! Dream big and travel safe!