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Azamara Club Cruises!


If you have never sailed with Azamara Club Cruises, you need to get them on your bucket list! Azamara is the top end of the Royal Caribbean family and with only two ships they make you feel like family! Their two ships, The Quest and The Journey, are about 30,000 tons and have a capacity of about 600 passengers. Azamara is all inclusive with gratuities, port transportation, and on-board drinks (wine, beer, and cocktails) included in your cruise price. Azamara tends to sail into smaller ports that larger ships cannot get into or closer to city center of ports which are frequented by larger ships. Azamara does tend to do a lot of over night ports so you can enjoy the port in the evening. We have sailed Azamara twice, both on longer repositioning cruises, one from Singapore to Athens and the other from Seville to Miami. We enjoy the sea days and ability to enjoy the ship. We have had the same Hotel Director and Cruise Director on each of our cruises and they do make you feel like family. With the smaller ship you do get to know the crew and passengers more than you would on a larger ship. The ship’s food is awesome …………. whether you dine in the main dinning room, one of the two speciality restaurants, or at the self service cafe with outdoor seating, you will not go away hungry! Consider becoming part of the Azamara family! Azamara does reciprocal elite benefits with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity which is not common with other cruise lines.

Top 10 Dream Destinations

According to a recent survey by Virtuoso Travel, the top 10 Dream Destinations are:

1 – Australia
2 – Italy
3 – New Zealand
4 – France
5 – Fiji
6 – Ireland
7 – Greece
8 – Antarctica
9 – South Africa
10- Caribbean

This is the fourth year in a row that Australia has beat out Italy for the top spot! While I agree that each of these would be on a top 10 list I have a problem assigning a ranking to a particular destination …… I just like to say they are in my top 10! I have had the opportunity to visit each of these destinations and each holds a unique experience! Dream big and travel safe!