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Marriott Flashperks!

Don’t forget Marriott’s Flashperks this Thursday at 1200 PM CDT.

Last week’s Flashperks included rooms at a Maui oceanfront property for 20,000 points, regular 40,000 points and an iSound Twist Bluetooth speaker for 10,000 points, regular 20,000 pojnts.

Some of the upcoming Flashperks will include deals at The St. Pancras Renaissance London, The Renaissance Chicago Downtown, and The LaConcha Renaissance in San Juan. Merchandise will include the iGlowSound Speaker System and the On the Rocks Glass and Ice Ball!

Flashperks are available for 24 hours so act fast and enjoy. Please beaware that most of the hotel deals are usually short term and may have other restrictions, but if they fit your schedule it can be a great deal.

“Now you see it ……. now you don’t”!

Have you ever noticed a great vacation deal or airfare and when you “clicked” on it ………. it wasn’t there any more? That can be very frustrating when you are shopping for that great vacation. The first question that I ask, is the deal offered just sold out ……….. or is it the classic “bait and switch”? The answer is that it is probably some of both! I have experienced this many times and I do understand that any special can have a limited number available. What I do not understand is with today’s technology …… when the last one is sold …….. take down the offering! Sometimes when the offering is an airfare you will find that the fare may be there, but the flights offered may be at times that are awkward for most travelers.

The “bait and switch” is something totally different. There are companies and web sites that will, and do, mislead you! You will see a great vacation value, but once you “click” on it ……. you find it id no longer available ….. but they do have something at a higher price! “Now you see it ……… now you don’t”! I have found this on some reputable web sites, now whether or not it was “bait and switch” or just where the “deal” was just not taken down or adjusted, I don’t know ….. but it does make you wonder!

I think we all realize that there might be limited numbers of any special and therefore “timing” is everything …… but the vendors do have a responsibility to keep there offering updated.

There is also the possible pressure to purchase if you can find that “value”! How many times have you seen, or were told, “Only 3 rooms left” or “Only 2 seats left”? That may or may not be the truth ……. but the pressure is there to purchase …….. “Now”! In my opinion do not ever purchase in a pressure situation ……. I have found that there seems to always be another deal!

Continue to seek specials and deals, but to be smart in your decisions. Use reputable web sites or your travel professional to assist you in your pursuit of your travel dreams!