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Single Cabins on RCCL

Royal Caribbean has announced that there will be 15 cabins for singles on the Quantum of The Seas. This is a first for RCCL and I would like to see this expanded to other ships. Currently a single on RCCL has to pay double. I believe NCL has started offering some single cabins on some of their new ships. Azamara offers a single rate at 125% of the single fare. We have meet many single travelers and have always thought there should be a change. In the past I have guided single people to Azamara, but now there will be other options!

What’s In Your Wallet?

Sounds familiar doesn’t it! Of course the ad wants you to use a particular credit card. The question really is what card (or cards) should you have in your wallet?

I carry three cards: an American Express Platinum, a Marriott Visa, and an IHG Mastercard. That way I am covered with whatever card a vendor might take. Internationally I try to use my American Express card since there are no exchange fees. If I am staying st Marriott I use my Marriott Visa and at an IHG property my Mastercard. The key is to always maximize points earned! This is not to say these are the cards you need to carry. ….. however it is always good to have at least a Visa and a Masterdard. Also I try and not use my debit card while traveling due to security concerns on my part.

What cards should you carry………. it all depends: which airlines do you fly, which hotels do you stay at, where do you shop, which offers the best bonuses and perks!

One good place to keep updated on what’s happening with credit cards in the travel spectrum is “Million Mile Secrets” at

Which Hotels Have the Fastest Wi-Fi?

Yesterday we shared the top 10 Airports Wi-Fi speeds. Today we will share the top ten hotel’s Wi-Fi speeds!

1. Red Roof Inns (4.34 mbps)
2. Sleep Inn (4.14 mbps)
3. Ramada Inn (3.69 mbps)
4. Holiday Inn (3.68 mbps)
5. Best Western (3.66 mbps)
6. Aloft Hotels (3.42 mbps)
7. Studio 6 (3.22 mbps)
8. Hilton (3.17 mbps)
9. Quality Inns (3.15 mbps)
10. Four Points by Sheraton (3.04 mbps)

I’m not sure you would ever select a hotel based on their Wi-Fi speed, but if you do ……… now you know! Personally if it’s free I’m happy!