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Quantum of the Seas – No more Mamma Mia after May 13th! Why!

Royal Caribbean announced to passengers on the May13th sailing from Barcelona to Dubai and then on to Asia, that Mamma Mia would no longer be presented. They are changing to a new show for Asia. I find it interesting that this announcement was made 30 prior to sailing since any new production show would have to have born in development for probably a year. Why was this information withheld from customers booking this cruise? Several other changes are being made to the ship cor the Asian market ….. and again these were not communicated to booked passengers until this week also. I guess the moral of the story is beware of what you book because you may not get what you thought you were getting.

To ease the pain at least you can watch the finale!

Check out this video on YouTube:

With all the snow and ice ……. do you feel like you just want to be taken away?


With snow and ice, and being confined inside, this is an excellent time to get your bucket list out and start some planning for this year. Beach, cruise, mountains, a city, country stay, visit a National Park, or even a “staycation” ………. now is a great time to get your planning started. I normally try and keep our planning out at least one year. Online Vacations has some great cruise deals, some with air and hotels; Travelzoo has great deals on cruises, hotels, and travel packages; AmazonLocal has great travel deals also! Planning your vacation is half the fun …… why don’t you start having fun today! Need some ideas let me know.

Royal Caribbean to Drop Corkage Fee!

Rumor has it that Royal Caribbean will be dropping their $25 per bottle corkage fee for personal wine consumed in the dinning room. Royal Caribbean currently allows each passenger to bring aboard two bottles of wine or champagne which previously had to be consumed in your cabin or pay the $25 corkage fee for the dinning room.

This is a positive move for RCCL!