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The Blue Lagoon!

On our recent visit to Iceland, we had the opportunity to visit the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal SPA about 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik and located in the middle of a picturesque lava field and one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and has been know to help some people with skin diseases. The water averages between 98 and 102 degrees F and the water is renewed about every two days. The lagoon is fed by the water output from the nearby geothermal power plant.

The lagoon adheres to a strict code of hygiene and guests are required to shower before and after bathing in the lagoon. You can visit the lagoon by purchasing a pass and there are various levels of passes one can purchase, from the standard pass where you basically get admission to several other levels where you get a towel, bathrobe, sandals drinks, and meals. The costs range from 35 Euro for the basic to 172 Euro for the luxury which includes a private lounge and shower. If you just want to visit the lagoon and not partake of the water there is a visitor’s pass available for 10 Euro. If you do not want to take advantage of one of their packages they do have individual pricing for the use of a towel, robes, slippers, and even a bathing suit!

The morning we visited the lagoon the weather was raining and the temperature about 50 degrees F which created a heavy fog over the lagoon. We probably could not see 10 feet in front of us, but it did provide an awesome experience. In the lagoon you can apply a silicone mask to your face, visit a waterfall which provides one of the best neck massages I have ever received, visit the Sauna or Steam Room, or just enjoy the warm waters.

We actually had a meal with our package, but we were enjoying the waters so much we decided to enjoy the waters and eat somewhere later. There is a swim-up bar in the lagoon which sells drinks and snacks.

A visit to the Blue Lagoon is a must for anyone visiting Iceland. You need at least 3 hours in the waters when visiting. We arranged our transportation from our cruise ship with IGT Tours and was very satisfied with their service.

What’s In Your Wallet?

Sounds familiar doesn’t it! Of course the ad wants you to use a particular credit card. The question really is what card (or cards) should you have in your wallet?

I carry three cards: an American Express Platinum, a Marriott Visa, and an IHG Mastercard. That way I am covered with whatever card a vendor might take. Internationally I try to use my American Express card since there are no exchange fees. If I am staying st Marriott I use my Marriott Visa and at an IHG property my Mastercard. The key is to always maximize points earned! This is not to say these are the cards you need to carry. ….. however it is always good to have at least a Visa and a Masterdard. Also I try and not use my debit card while traveling due to security concerns on my part.

What cards should you carry………. it all depends: which airlines do you fly, which hotels do you stay at, where do you shop, which offers the best bonuses and perks!

One good place to keep updated on what’s happening with credit cards in the travel spectrum is “Million Mile Secrets” at

Scenic drives throughout the South

As a follow-up to my recent post “What’s Next On Your Bucket List? Somewhere Near?”, this article from USAToday has 8 great Southern drives! Enjoy the beauty of the South!

Have You Visited All 50 States?

A lot of people have a goal of visiting all 50 States, and I am one of those people! Unfortunately I made this decision late in life and missed a few opportunities! I still have Idaho, Vermont, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska to visit. Obviously the road trip mentioned in yesterday’s post is designed to take care of all these with the exception of Vermont.

Why the desire to visit all 50 States? Maybe it’s because they are there! You get nothing except the self satisfaction that you accomplished one of your goals ………….. no certificate ………. no trophy!

My brother-in law’s family has just completed their 50 State quest. They celebrated not only visiting their 50th State, Hawaii, but also the high school and college graduation of their son and daughter! They were unique in that they accomplished this goal as a family!

So whether as a personal goal or a family or couples goal, set your objectives and dreams ………. and then make sure your actions make them reality!

What’s Next On Your Bucket List? Somewhere Near?


It is easy to get caught up into visualizing only exotic destinations when we create our bucket list, but in reality there are a lot of bucket list destinations in our own backyard ………… whether it be the beach or the mountains …. a city not visited ……… National or State Parks …….. Route 66 …..or your own home town!

One of our most memorable trips has been a 30 day road trip, basically going west on I 40 and returning on I 10! We visited 12 National Parks, several wineries, visited with friends, and saw a lot of our beautiful country! Our next bucket list road trip is to go west on I 80 and return on I 90! On these road trips be do try and visit as many National Parks as we can and we try to stay in either their Lodge or a cabin within the Park.

We have some friends from Florida that have recently retired and to celebrate they have taken their motor home and taken off on an American adventure …… seeing our beautiful country up close! This has been on their bucket list for sure!

We have an awesome country with great beauty, so make sure you have lots of “Route 66” destinations on your bucket list!

The 10 Cities that should have been on the Top 50 List!

There are a few cities that I feel should have been included in the Top 50 Cities to see in your lifetime! My additional 10 cities are:

St. Petersburg, Russia – Museums and history!

Brussels, Belgium – For the food and beer!

Auckland, New Zealand – Home of beautiful harbours and of course “one tree hill”!

Vancouver, BC – Beautiful city and gateway for Alaskan cruises.

Barcelona, Spain – Food, architecture, with a mixture of new and old.

Dubai, UAE – A modern city in the middle of the desert, but still a taste of the old!

Papeete, Tahiti – Beaches and beauty!

Shanghai, China – Mixture of old and new!

Hong Kong, China – Food, markets, lights (lots of lights), and awesome views!

Chattanooga, Tennessee – I couldn’t have a list and not include one of the most beautiful cities in the South!

Top 50 Cities to see in your lifetime!

Last 10:

Samarkand, Uzbekistan – Located on the ancient Silk Road and lots of madrasas and mosaics!

Sydney, Australia – From the Opera House to the famous beaches, Sydney has a blend of the natural and the urban!

San Francisco, California – Some of the best food in the world ….. and don’t forget bridges and the bay!

Mont Saint Michel, France – The spire of Mont Saint Michel raises above the Normandy coast and receives over 3 million visitors a year!

Dubrovnik, Croatia – The jewel of the Adriatic and one of the most picturesque areas in Europe!

Bangkok, Thailand – Exotic markets to rowdy night life, Bangkok has something for everyone!

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Called the Paris of South America! Great good and of course home of the Tango!

Antigua, Guatemala – A magical city with ruins of colonial churches and monasteries and you can gaze at three volcanoes!

Prague, Czech Republic – Mix of history, architecture, and cusine!

Budapest, Hungary -Some consider this city to be the most beautiful in Europe! The night life and hot springs makes Budapest a travel must!

Well, that’s the Top 50 cities that you must see in your lifetime! I personally feel that there were a few included that I might have left off the list and a few excluded that I would added to the list. That being the case, tomorrow I will share with you the 10 cities that I feel like should have been included.

Add your dream cities to the list and have safe and hapoy travels!

Top 50 Cities to see in your lifetime!

Next 10:

Lyon, France – Cathedrals, gardens, and thousands of lights!

Oia, Greece – On the Greek island of Santorini. White and blue homes overlook the sea!

Siem Reap, Cambodia – Worth the trip just for the great food!

Vienna, Austria – A majestic city full of beautiful palaces, gardens, and elegant cafes!

Cusco, Peru – Gateway city gor exploring Machu Picchu!

Cartagena, Columbia – Located on the Caribbean and filled with history!

Zanzibar, Tanzania – On the sea and great cultural blending!

Mexico City, Mexico – Lots of people and great food!

Singapore – Worth a stop over or a vacation!

Lad Vegas – Sin City!

Top 50 Cities to see in your lifetime!

Next 10:

Kathmandu, Nepal – The gateway to the Himalayas with lots of monks and one of the most colorful cities on Earth!

Vatican City – A city within a city and home of the Roman Catholic Church.

Lisbon, Portugal – The sun, sea, food, snd wine!

Tokyo, Japan – Shopping, food and home to beautiful shrines and gardens

Istanbul, Turkey – The city were east meets west and full of bazarrs and history!

Hoi An, Vietnam – A historic port city with a mixture of Japanese, Vietnamese, and European influence and the food is awesome!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Beautiful city, museums, Red Light District, and so much more!

Luxor, Egypt – On the banks of the Nile and one of Egypt’s most stunning ancient cities and close to The Valley of the Kings!

Berlin, Germany – So much history and known for its nightlife and restaurants!

Jaipur, India – Home of some of India’s most spectacular palaces and gardens!