Where Has Your Plane Been?

Have you ever wondered where the aircraft you are flying on has been? Not that it probably makes any difference, sometimes t is nice to know the flight history of your aircraft. For example, my wife and I had a flight from DTW (Detroit)  to LHR (London Heathrow) a couple of weeks ago and I was wondered where the flight was coming from, if for no other reason just to see if it was on time. I use FlightView to monitor my trips and FlightView will provide the information as to where your aircraft is coming from as well as flight details, times, and tail number. Our aircraft was coming from LHR. In researching the history of our aircraft, which is fairly easy on FlightView, I found that the aircraft had flown from ATL to JNB (Johannesburg, South Africa) then JNB back to ATL, then ATL to LHR, and then LHR to DTW. FlightView has a free version and a paid version (which is fairly economical). So next time you are wondering where your aircraft came from, just look it up!

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