How Smooth is the North Atlantic?

We recently completed a North Atlantic cruise from London to Boston via Iceland. The first question that we seem to be asked is how “Rough” was the cruise …….. as the North Atlantic is known for its storms and rough waters!

Well our cruise was an exception …… we only had one day of “rough” waters …….. and that would be “rough” with little “r”! We did deviate our route slightly to the east of Greenland because of high winds and we did encounter 25 to 30 foot swells ……. which were very noticeable …….. but not overly uncomfortable for me! In addition to the pitch (movement aft to stern) of the ship due to the swells we had roll ( side to side) of about 3 degrees maximum. Our Captain said this was the smoothest crossing he has ever had in the North Atlantic!

I asked the Captain what was the maximum “roll” that our ship, The Brilliance of the Seas, could safely handle. To my surprise he said 42 degrees ………. which is a lot! The ship actually had to perform this roll during sea trials! No need to worry …….. most ships are now built with stabilizers which would prevent any severe roll! Our Captain also said the maximum roll for passenger comfort is about 7 degrees!

While it normally a bad sign when the sea sickness bags are placed on the stairs ……… it doesn’t always indicate a rough night ……. but better be prepared!

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