Whose Space is it?

With the incident on the United Airlines flight yesterday, the seeming never ending debate on airline space comes to the forefront! So whose space is it? Well …….. in my opinion it depends, so let’s review each space category:

Overhead Space: Overall overhead space is first come ….. first served …….. however with a few guidelines. First you should use the space in the class of service you are flying. Second, try and locate your overhead items as close to your seat as possible, and third try to assure it is between you and the exit and not behind you.

Under Seat Space: In my opinion the space under the seat directly in front if you is yours! Use it for smaller items or in my case I tend to use it for my feet!

Seat Recline Space: This is the tough one! I would like to see some changes to the current system. Believe me I understand the need for my space between me and the seat in front of me as I have long legs. First on domestic, daytime flights, I would suggest a “no recline” policy. Overnight and international flights could allow recline, with the exception of meal service. Now the problem with my suggestions is of course enforcement! So that being the case I guess I would go to a “no recline” policy on domestic flights and a limited recline on international flights. Personally I do not recline my seat on domestic flights and I try to get seats in the first exit row since the seats in the row in front of me have limited or no recline.

Always be courteous to your fellow travelers and as we were all taught in kindergarten ……… it is nice to share!

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