What’s In Your Wallet?

Sounds familiar doesn’t it! Of course the ad wants you to use a particular credit card. The question really is what card (or cards) should you have in your wallet?

I carry three cards: an American Express Platinum, a Marriott Visa, and an IHG Mastercard. That way I am covered with whatever card a vendor might take. Internationally I try to use my American Express card since there are no exchange fees. If I am staying st Marriott I use my Marriott Visa and at an IHG property my Mastercard. The key is to always maximize points earned! This is not to say these are the cards you need to carry. ….. however it is always good to have at least a Visa and a Masterdard. Also I try and not use my debit card while traveling due to security concerns on my part.

What cards should you carry………. it all depends: which airlines do you fly, which hotels do you stay at, where do you shop, which offers the best bonuses and perks!

One good place to keep updated on what’s happening with credit cards in the travel spectrum is “Million Mile Secrets” at http://www.millionmilesecrets.com.

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