Have You Visited All 50 States?

A lot of people have a goal of visiting all 50 States, and I am one of those people! Unfortunately I made this decision late in life and missed a few opportunities! I still have Idaho, Vermont, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska to visit. Obviously the road trip mentioned in yesterday’s post is designed to take care of all these with the exception of Vermont.

Why the desire to visit all 50 States? Maybe it’s because they are there! You get nothing except the self satisfaction that you accomplished one of your goals ………….. no certificate ………. no trophy!

My brother-in law’s family has just completed their 50 State quest. They celebrated not only visiting their 50th State, Hawaii, but also the high school and college graduation of their son and daughter! They were unique in that they accomplished this goal as a family!

So whether as a personal goal or a family or couples goal, set your objectives and dreams ………. and then make sure your actions make them reality!

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