What’s Next On Your Bucket List? Somewhere Near?


It is easy to get caught up into visualizing only exotic destinations when we create our bucket list, but in reality there are a lot of bucket list destinations in our own backyard ………… whether it be the beach or the mountains …. a city not visited ……… National or State Parks …….. Route 66 …..or your own home town!

One of our most memorable trips has been a 30 day road trip, basically going west on I 40 and returning on I 10! We visited 12 National Parks, several wineries, visited with friends, and saw a lot of our beautiful country! Our next bucket list road trip is to go west on I 80 and return on I 90! On these road trips be do try and visit as many National Parks as we can and we try to stay in either their Lodge or a cabin within the Park.

We have some friends from Florida that have recently retired and to celebrate they have taken their motor home and taken off on an American adventure …… seeing our beautiful country up close! This has been on their bucket list for sure!

We have an awesome country with great beauty, so make sure you have lots of “Route 66” destinations on your bucket list!

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