The 10 Cities that should have been on the Top 50 List!

There are a few cities that I feel should have been included in the Top 50 Cities to see in your lifetime! My additional 10 cities are:

St. Petersburg, Russia – Museums and history!

Brussels, Belgium – For the food and beer!

Auckland, New Zealand – Home of beautiful harbours and of course “one tree hill”!

Vancouver, BC – Beautiful city and gateway for Alaskan cruises.

Barcelona, Spain – Food, architecture, with a mixture of new and old.

Dubai, UAE – A modern city in the middle of the desert, but still a taste of the old!

Papeete, Tahiti – Beaches and beauty!

Shanghai, China – Mixture of old and new!

Hong Kong, China – Food, markets, lights (lots of lights), and awesome views!

Chattanooga, Tennessee – I couldn’t have a list and not include one of the most beautiful cities in the South!

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