Top 50 Cities to see in your lifetime!

Next 10:

Kathmandu, Nepal – The gateway to the Himalayas with lots of monks and one of the most colorful cities on Earth!

Vatican City – A city within a city and home of the Roman Catholic Church.

Lisbon, Portugal – The sun, sea, food, snd wine!

Tokyo, Japan – Shopping, food and home to beautiful shrines and gardens

Istanbul, Turkey – The city were east meets west and full of bazarrs and history!

Hoi An, Vietnam – A historic port city with a mixture of Japanese, Vietnamese, and European influence and the food is awesome!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Beautiful city, museums, Red Light District, and so much more!

Luxor, Egypt – On the banks of the Nile and one of Egypt’s most stunning ancient cities and close to The Valley of the Kings!

Berlin, Germany – So much history and known for its nightlife and restaurants!

Jaipur, India – Home of some of India’s most spectacular palaces and gardens!

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