Top 50 Cities to See In Your Lifetime!

Next 10:

Florence, Italy – Home of the Renaissance, gorgeous Cathedrals, and awesome Tuscan food and wine!

Havana, Cuba – Classic cars and great food and beaches!

Kyoto, Japan – Once the Imperial Capital of Japan. Explore elegant teahouses, gardens, and castles!

Jerusalem, Israel – The Old City and home to some of history’s greatest events and people!

Paris, France – The City of Lights! Museums, cafes, Effiel Tower, and lots of romance!

Beijing, China – China’s historical and cultural capital and home to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall!

Lalibela, Ethiopia – Stunning collection of monolithic churches and a very holy city!

Granada, Spain – Home of the Alhambra and a city of narrow cobblestone streets!

Athens, Greece – The Acropolis overseeing a city full of history and ancient buildings!

Bagan, Myanmar- A very ancient city and lots of pagodas!

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