Top 50 Must See Cities In The World To See In Your Lifetime

We have talked about dreams and bucket lists and top ten lists of various categories ………. so let’s take it one step further …… what are the top 50 must see cities in the world that you should see in your lifetime? Some of these you may have visited, some may be on your dream destinations or your bucket list. I have had the opportunity to visit 29 of the 50 and hopefully will visit number 30 next spring. Over the years I could have visited several other of the 50 if I been aware of this list and had added them to my bucket list. I will share 10 of the cities daily for the next 5 days. The list is not ranked so the list just includes the top 50 must see cities!

First 10:

Venice, Italy – Picturesque canals, grandiose basilicas, and cozy wine bars!

Seville, Spain – Moorish Castles, narrow streets, and great tapas!

New York City, NY – The crossroads of the world!

Lhasa, China – The spiritual center of Tibetan Buddhism and is set against the fantastic Himalayas!

Rio de Janerio, Brazil – Beaches, Sugar Loaf, and Christ the Redemmer Statue and of course Carnival!

London, England – The Queen, museums, shopping!

Marrakech, Morocco – Maze like corridors full of souks, stunning architecture, and more!

Petra, Jordon – Set in the desert, Petra’s monumental rock-cut buildings are a must see!

Rome, Italy – Ancient history and buildings, great food and wine …. and of course the Pope!

Varanasi, India – Set on the banks of the Ganges, Varanadi is one of India’s holiest cities!

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