Top Nine Wi-Fi Speeds at Beaches!

I f you are looking at a beach and what to make sure you are connected, these are the top nine beaches based on connectivity!

1. Clearwater Beach (2.9 mbps)
2. Atlantic City Beach (2.8 mbps)
3. Mission Beach California (2.1 mbps)
4. South Beach Miami (1.8 mbps)
5. Myrtle Beach (1.8 mbps)
6. Santa Monica California (1.8 mbps)
7. Waikiki Beach (1.6 mbps)
8. Newport Beach California (1.2 mbps)
9. Hermosa Beach California (1.2 mbps)

I don’t know about you but I am not really concerned about connectivity when I am at the beach ………….. I try to have my mind on other things!

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