Airport Wi-Fi – Who has the fastest?

Have you ever wondered which airport has the fastest Wi-Fi? A new report from Wefi shares that information with us.

Top Ten Airports with the fastest Wi-Fi:

1. DTW Detroit (4.63mbps)
2. DEN. Denver (4.33 mbps)
3. FLL Fort Lauderdale (3.75 mbps)
4. LAX. Los Angeles (3.29 mbps)
5. IAD Washington Dulles
6. DFW. Dallas/Fort Worth (2.88 mbps)
7. LGA. New York LaGuardia (2.67 mbps)
8. ATL. Atlanta (2.66 mbps)
9. BOS. Boston (2.51 mbps)
10. MPS Minneapolis (2.45 mbps)

These are the airport’s Wi-Fi. You may find higher speeds at Airline Lounges or other commercial vendors.

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