Marriott Flashperks!

Don’t forget Marriott’s Flashperks this Thursday at 1200 PM CDT.

Last week’s Flashperks included rooms at a Maui oceanfront property for 20,000 points, regular 40,000 points and an iSound Twist Bluetooth speaker for 10,000 points, regular 20,000 pojnts.

Some of the upcoming Flashperks will include deals at The St. Pancras Renaissance London, The Renaissance Chicago Downtown, and The LaConcha Renaissance in San Juan. Merchandise will include the iGlowSound Speaker System and the On the Rocks Glass and Ice Ball!

Flashperks are available for 24 hours so act fast and enjoy. Please beaware that most of the hotel deals are usually short term and may have other restrictions, but if they fit your schedule it can be a great deal.

$99 — Charlotte Weekend Getaway w/Breakfast, Reg. $183 | Travelzoo

Another suite deal in Charlotte. $99 per night, weekdays, at Doubletree Suites at Southpark. See website for details.

Should Pets be allowed in Aircraft Cabins

A recent survey by ask the opinion of traverlers as to airlines allowing pets in the cabin. The results to date are as follows:

? Should pets be allowed in airline cabins?

Yes, and airlines shouldn’t charge a fee. 26%

Yes, but a fee should be charged. 17%

No, unless they are certified service animals. 43%

No, not under any circumstances. 15%

No opinion. 2%

I have had experience traveling with pets in the cabin ……….. some good and some bad. On one overseas flight I did not realize I had a pet next to me until almost the end of the flight. Either the animal was very well mannered or the sedation worked!

I guess the answer is ….. it depends! I can see both sides so I guess the airlines will have to work this one out themselves!

10 National Beach treasures for your Bucket List

Everybody seems to enjoy going to the beach and isolated, undeveloped, and lots of nature is even better! Put these jewels on your bucket list and enjoy!

– Point Reyes National Seashore: Just north of San Francisco you will find Point Reyes. Over 80 miles of spectacular native beaches. Visit in the winter to see the elephant seals.

– Gulf Islands National Seashore : Located in Florida and Mississippi these undeveloped beaches and barrier islands are known for their temperate waters and brilliant sand.

– Cumberland Island National Seashore: The largest island off the Georgia coast preserves marshes, herds of wild horses, and wild beaches! It is only accessible by a 45 minute pedestrian ferry from St. Marys.

– Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: You will find some of the newest beaches on earth here due to this constantly evolving part of the Island of Hawaii. Colors vary from black to white to light brown.

– Assateague Island National Seashore: Located in Maryland and Virginia, this beach is known for it’s wild horses.

– Cape Cod National Seashore: Located in Massachusetts, you can think President Kennedy for creating this haven. The over 40 miles of beach was saved from development and remains some of the most pristine coastline in that part of New England.

– Cape Lookout National Seashore: Located in North Carolina, these largely undeveloped barrier islands can only be reached by ferry, and you must bring all your supplies, including water!

– Fire Island National Seashore: Located in New York, this 26 mile section of the barrier islands offers a getaway not too far from New York City.

– Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: This 35 miles stretch is located along Lake Michigan and includes 2 islands. Some of the sand bluffs can be ever 450 feet tall!

– Virgin Islands National Park: Located on St. Johns in the Virgin Islands, this park offers everything from tropical forrest to an underwater snorkeling trail. The park covers over half of the island.

Think nature and plan your visit to one of these treasures!

Bye Bye RJ’s!

Well maybe not all of them, but at least a few. Delta’s flights into and out of Chattanooga currently only has one “big Delta aircraft”, a MD88 leaving ATL around 700 PM and leaving CHA around 738 am. Starting in early September there should be two additional “big Delta aircraft” flying into and out of CHA. The two added flights will be a B717 and a A319 (I believe). The flights will be leaving ATL at 350 PM and 850 PM with the return out of CHA at around 600 am and 500 PM. (Times are approximate). All other flights continue to be operated with RJ’s!

All three aircraft should be equipped with first class and economy plus as well as wi fi.

Early next year there may be additional aircraft changes.

Check for exact schedules.

“The Government gets how much?”

Have you ever thought air fares were getting higher …….. and higher? Have you ever thought about what percentage of your air fare went to the Government (taxes and fees)? As I noted in an earlier post, the amount TSA charges to each ticket has increased from $2.50 to $5.60 per ticket, one way! Obviously ticket price will increase at some point, but will we blame the airlines or Government?

In 2012 the Department of Transportation reversed an advertising rule that has been in place for over 25 years. As a result of the change, airlines were “forced” to include Government imposed taxes and fees in the base price of tickets they advertise. This change tends to hide the taxes and fees from the customer, giving the impression that increases in ticket prices are caused by the airline and not the Government!

Accordingly to an article in the Houston Chronicle, currently a typical $300 airline ticket includes about $62 in Government taxes and fees, which is more than 20% of the ticket price!

There are efforts currently in Congress to address this issue with The Transparent Airlines Act which would help bring clarity to airline advertising.

Some when you buy that ticket just be aware that about 20% goes to th Government!

Advance purchase hotel rates ….. do I Purchase?

Ever see a great hotel rate but when you go to the web site you find that the rate offered is an “advance purchase” rate. Personally I try to stay away from advance purchase rates. However what do you do if the non-advance rate is several dollars higher?

What I do is to check to see if there might have a AAA rate available or a Senior rate available. I find in most instances there are AAA or Senior rates available at the same rate as the advance purchase, or close to, and the rate does not require an advance purchase!

Keep your money in your pocket and flexibility in your travel plans!