Marriott Flashperks!

Don’t forget Marriott’s Flashperks this Thursday at 1200 PM CDT.

Last week’s Flashperks included rooms at a Maui oceanfront property for 20,000 points, regular 40,000 points and an iSound Twist Bluetooth speaker for 10,000 points, regular 20,000 pojnts.

Some of the upcoming Flashperks will include deals at The St. Pancras Renaissance London, The Renaissance Chicago Downtown, and The LaConcha Renaissance in San Juan. Merchandise will include the iGlowSound Speaker System and the On the Rocks Glass and Ice Ball!

Flashperks are available for 24 hours so act fast and enjoy. Please beaware that most of the hotel deals are usually short term and may have other restrictions, but if they fit your schedule it can be a great deal.

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