Delta to offer more free entertainment on flights!

Effective August 1st, Delta will offer more free entertainment options on over 1000 flights worldwide for flights over 1.5 hours. Entertainment will be offered through seat-back systems and in-flight streaming directly to customer’s own smartphones, tablets, and laptops! This will be offered on all domestic aircraft and regional jets with two-cabin seating. Customers in BusinessElite, First Class, and Economy Comfort will have free, unrestricted access to inflight entertainment on all international flights. Customers traveling international in economy will have access to the free content.

Domestic customers traveling in First Class, Business Elite, and Economy Comfort will have free access to all entertainment content. Economy customers will have access to all free content which will include live satellite TV channels, music selections and game options through seat-back entertainment systems, as well as movie and TV selections on seat-back systems as well as streaming content through in-flight Wi-Fi.

Check for more details.

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