Panama Canal Cruise!

A transit of the Panama Canal needs to be on everyone’s bucket list! There are some cruises from the Caribbean that sail into the canal, but only half way. To really experience the Panama Canal make sure you do the complete transit, which is offered on several cruise lines and ships. Normally the cruises are 14 days (+/-) and sail to/from the US west coast and Flordia/Caribbean, or there are a few cruises from  Florida to/from South America.

The transit of the canal normally takes 8 – 10 hours and for cruise ships will be during the day. We sailed through the canal on the Radiance of the Seas, which at the time (2002) was the largest cruise ship to transit the canal! The Radiance of the Seas had been built to allow the transit of the Panama Canal! The available room on all sides of the ship were minimal, just like it was designed. Our Captain said, if my memory is correct, that our toll for the canal transit was over $300,000!

Just to be able to see this engineering marvel is worth the price of the trip! If you transit the canal today you also get to see the construction of the “new”  Panama Canal which will much larger ships to move between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific ocean. The new canal is currently about 75%  complete.

Get your Panama Canal cruise on your bucket list and not only will you have an awesome cruise …….. but also get to see one of the greatest engineering marvels in history!

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