“The Plane ……. The Plane!”

Have you ever looked up in the sky and see an aircraft and wonder where it was going? I’ve being looking in the sky for aircraft since I was a child. I remember taking binoculars onto the roof of our pump house and watching airplanes going to and from Atlanta and wondering where they where coming from or where they were going! Now I, and you , can not only see an aircraft in the sky, but know where it is coming from, where it is bound, what airline and type aircraft, what altitude and airspeed! There is an app available for iPhone that allows you to accomplish this! Flightradar24 Pro does all this for you and I believe the app costs $2.95, but if you ever look up in the sky and wonder ……. it’s worth it. There is also a free version that only gives you Airline and flight number.

The map can show you every flight that is in the air, realtime, in the world! Looking at the map with all the aircraft in a given airspace is worth the price! (You actually get this with the free version)

Now you can not only look and say “The Plane…………..The Plane”, but now know the details.

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