My Top Ten Cruise Destinations

We really enjoy taking a cruise! Over the past 10 years we have about 300 days on the water! My Top ten cruise destinations would include:

1 – Transatlantic cruise
2 – Antarctic cruise
3 – Baltic/Northern Europe cruise
4 – Panama Canal cruise
5 – Alaska cruise
6 – Transpacific cruise Northern route
7 – Mediterranean cruise
8 – Caribbean cruise
9 – Asia to Europe
10- South American cruise

Still on our dream destination cruises would be Transpacific via Hawaii to Australia, Amazon cruise from Manaus Brazil, and a Northern Atlantic cruise which we will be taking this fall! Over the years we have been able to put enough cruises together to have circumnavigate the globe! Maybe this would be something you might want to add to your bucket list. In a future posting I will share how we put our cruises together to accomplish the circumnavigation.



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