Personal US Top Ten

My personal top 10 for the US and Canada would include:

1 – San Francisco/Napa
2 – Palm Springs
3 – New York City
4 – Hilton Head SC
5 – Vancouver/Whistler
6 – Niagara Falls (Canada)
7 – Seattle Area
8 – Washington DC/Eastern Shore MD
9 – Carmel CA
10 – Chattanooga TN

It is very difficult to categorize so many great locations into such a small list! Not listed, but definitely on my list if it were more specific, would be “road trips”!There is no better way to see our awesome country than by driving . Several years ago we took a 30 road trip, basically going to the west coast via I40 and returning via I10! Over 5000 miles, 12 National Parks, and seeing a lot of beautiful scenery!

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