My Own Top Ten Dream Destinations

I published earlier the top 10 Dream Destinations as determined by a survey. I thought I would share my personal top 10 list as to dream destinations that I have visited!

1 – South Africa
2 – Italy
3 – Australia
4 – New Zealand
5 – French Polynesia
6 – Antarctica
7 – Brazil
8 – China
9 – Indonesia
10- Thailand

It is tough to try and get a top 10 list. There are just too many dream destinations! I left the US off the list intentionally and will do a US top ten list in a few days! I usually tell people that the favorite place I have visited ……… is the last place I visited …….. which is the truth! However there are some I would like to visit again! All my top ten have unique attributes and I plan on expanding on each in the future.

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