Airline Seat Maps

If you fly much you know how important it is to know the pros and cons relative to airline seating on various airlines and aircraft. I know I have my favorite seats on certain aircraft and airlines and also those seats I try to avoid at all costs! You can of course go to the airline’s web site and review their aircraft layouts. However I find the best source is the Seat Guru ( This site has most every airline and most, if not all, of their aircraft. In addition to the aircraft layouts there is also information on type and size seats, whichat entertainment is available, what power sources might be available and comments on various seats, positive and negative. There is also an option where you can compare aircraft and/or airlines to see what differences there might be. There are lots of aircraft types and versions of aircraft so make sure you have details and not just that it is a Boeing 747! To help there is also an option where you can put in the airline, flight number, and date and they will find your aircraft layout for you. My favorite seats are too numerous to list, however if you have a specific airline/aircraft you have a question about seating just let me know and I will give you my thoughts. In the future I will be sharing some details on specific seating.

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