Add Brazil to your bucket list!

With the excitement over the World Cup this would be a great time to add Brazil to your bucket list! Brazil is a very large country so in a single visit you can only get a taste of this awesome country.  We made a trip to Brazil several years ago and did three areas: Rio, Iguazu Falls, and Salvador. We wish we had move time to visit other areas of the country.

Rio is a beautiful city with much to do  We stayed at the Marriott on Copacabana Beach and since it was January we had beach weather! The concierge at the Marriott was very helpful with arranging tours to Christ the Redeemer statue, Sugar Loaf, and other attractions. We also had the opportunity to visit a late night practice for the upcoming Carnival! The food was great and priced reasonable.

After Rio we flew to Iguazu Falls for a two-day visit. We stayed on the Argentine side which is up close and personal with the falls. Actually Iguazu is a collection of many water falls, some large and some small.

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