Cruise Ship Dining Options

Have you noticed the trend with cruise ships going away from the traditional two seating dining. In the past your options were to dine early or late if you dine in the main dining room. Over the past several years there has been a trend to offer “mytime” or “anytime” dining options. Some cruise lines and ships have made the change to the anytime dinning option. A lot of people have enjoyed the traditional dining option, knowing when they will dine each evening, having the same table mates, and the same servers.  With anytime dining you can still reserve the same time each evening, usually the same table and servers, and you dine either at a table for two or select a larger table and dine with others. We like the anytime dining option because it puts us in charge . Based on what is happening on a given evening we can adjust our dining time to fit our schedule.  Royal Caribbean’s two new ships  will only have anytime dining and have eliminated the traditional dining option.  I feel this is the future and we will see this trend continue.  Ships will continue to offer a multitude of other dining options with grills, buffets, and  specality restaurants.

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