Bucket List!

Have you taken your travel wishes and dreams and put them down on paper?  Every goal always starts with writing it down and then of course we need action.  So what are your dreams ……….. visit Paris or London, transatlantic cruise, visit Alaska or Hawaii! No dream is too big! Many years ago I put a cruise around the world on our bucket list, knowing that we probably would never be able to take the 100+ days needed to accomplish this dream. After completing a few cruises, a transatlantic, a Panama Canal, an Alaska repositioning, we realized that we could accomplish our dream ………… we would just not do it in a single cruise. We would just put together various cruises to the same end goal. So we added a transpacific cruise, a Mediterranean cruise and finally Singapore to Athens! It took us several years but we were able to cruise around thr world! So dream big and get your bucket list on paper and then start living your dreams!

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